[Scribus] Documentation

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jun 25 00:20:05 CEST 2004

Maciej Hanski wrote:

>Hi Craig,
>thanks for your elaborate response.
>>>3. If 2a., would it be possible to allow the user simultanously
>>>installing and using Scribus many documentation packages,  in
>>>different languages at that? The first page of the dialog in
>>>Help>Scribus Manual... could list all the installed documentation
>>>packages, then, and allow the user to switch between  English,
>>>German, and so on. Personally, I'd prefere this approach, since I'd
>>>like to have both the Peter's English docs for reference, and German
>>>and Polish docs  in one place. And it would be easy to add new
>>>tutorials still to come..
>>Yes.. it will be possible, and it will be selected based on GUI
>>language. If no docs exist in the GUI language it will show US english
>>like the GUI does.
>That's not exactly what I meant. I would like to have access to them
>without having to cease my work and RELAUNCH Scribus with a different
>GUI language each time, I want to check something in German or English docs. 
My guess is that the new doc will either be available in PDF, or that 
someone will transpose it to that in whatever language they want.  With 
many programs I like to print out pieces of the docs on occasion to be 
able to browse away from the computer.


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