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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Thu Jun 24 01:08:18 CEST 2004

? (At) 0h12 +0200 24/06/04, Maciej Hanski ?crivait (wrote) :
>I have a few questions about documentation, which  could be also of some
>interest for non-English native speakers:
>1. Documentation file format. Dear Scribus team, if somebody decided to
>provide you with Scribus documentation in his native language to be
>included into Scribus (Help>Scribus Manual...),  which file format would
>you prefere? Is Docbook suitable for you? Are there any other restrictions?

Hello Maciej,

As a newcomer in the Linux world (part time also!!) I don't know 
about Docbook. I am ready to use this if I can easily open it with 
any (or most) Linux distributions. Otherwise, we could use PDF or 
maybe OpenOffice format... Just thinking out loud!

Having said that, I agree with your approach.

Best regards,


>2. Documentation contents. What are the preferable contents?
>         a. Translation of the original Scribus docs written by mrdocs
>	and Co.?
>	b. Any other contents suitable contents? Personally, I would vote for
>	this solution, since there are some good docs in French and German (by
>	Holger and Yves), which probably could be easily accustomed to your
>	needs in no time, and there would be at least the Polish translation of
>	Niyams	tutorials to start with.
>3. If 2a., would it be possible to allow the user simultanously
>installing and using Scribus many documentation packages,  in different
>languages at that? The first page of the dialog in Help>Scribus
>Manual... could list all the installed documentation packages, then, 
>and allow the
>user to switch between  English, German, and so on. Personally,
>I'd prefere this approach, since I'd like to have both the Peter's English
>docs for reference, and German and Polish docs 
>in one place. And it would be easy to add new tutorials still to come..
>4. Licence. Currently, the English manual is distributed under Open
>Publication Licence (btw, according to http://www.opencontent.org/
>OpenConten was officially closed 1 year ago). If I decided to attach
>translated parts of it to the Polish translation of Niyam's 
>tutorial, woud it be allowed
>to licence them under GNU FDL? I wouldn't like to use diffent licences
>for one document, and Niyam's tutorial was released under GNU FDL.
>best regards
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