[Scribus] Documentation

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Thu Jun 24 07:58:48 CEST 2004

Hi Craig,
thanks for your elaborate response.

> > 3. If 2a., would it be possible to allow the user simultanously
> > installing and using Scribus many documentation packages,  in
> > different languages at that? The first page of the dialog in
> > Help>Scribus Manual... could list all the installed documentation
> > packages, then, and allow the user to switch between  English,
> > German, and so on. Personally, I'd prefere this approach, since I'd
> > like to have both the Peter's English docs for reference, and German
> > and Polish docs  in one place. And it would be easy to add new
> > tutorials still to come..
> Yes.. it will be possible, and it will be selected based on GUI
> language. If no docs exist in the GUI language it will show US english
> like the GUI does.

That's not exactly what I meant. I would like to have access to them
without having to cease my work and RELAUNCH Scribus with a different
GUI language each time, I want to check something in German or English docs. 

> > 4. Licence. Currently, the English manual is distributed under Open
> > Publication Licence (btw, according to http://www.opencontent.org/
> > OpenConten was officially closed 1 year ago). If I decided to attach
> > translated parts of it to the Polish translation of Niyam's
> > tutorial,
> woud it be allowed
> > to licence them under GNU FDL? I wouldn't like to use diffent
> > licences for one document, and Niyam's tutorial was released under
> > GNU FDL.
> The parts that we write are under OPL. We retain the right to publish
> our docs in our chosen format, eg a book.
> Any other parts of the docs remain in the license they were given in.
> The source of information is clearly stated in the 1.2 docs. As above,
> these 3rd party tutorials are in a "separate" section/menu.

I understand, this is a  "No Maciej, you can't" answer. No problem :-)

best regards

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