[Scribus] bug hunting results from the jmc 2004

Václav Hlobil me
Thu Jun 3 14:24:31 CEST 2004

Sebastian R?der wrote:
> Hello,
> I`m back from the jmc 2004 (jugendmediencamp / youth media camp) and the 
> members of my layout workshop experienced the following bugs in CVS 
> 25/05/20004:
> 1. The Guides are not handled correctly both on page templates and normal 
> pages. The "lock guides" checkbox doesn`t show any effort - guides can still 
> be moved with the mouse. As a strange behaviour, when there are two or more 
> guides (locked) and I want to move one of them with the mouse, another is 
> selected instead and put to the current cursor possition.
> A member of my group told me, that the snap to guides function doesn`t work - 
> didn`t test it yet. 

Yes, guide dialog should be remaked.


> Sebastian R?der 


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