[Scribus] bug hunting results from the jmc 2004

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Tue Jun 8 13:14:14 CEST 2004


We were not so attentive to the mailing list preparing for the release
this weekend. Sorry for the tardy reply.

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 08:05, Sebastian R?der wrote:
> Hello,
> I`m back from the jmc 2004 (jugendmediencamp / youth media camp) and the 
> members of my layout workshop experienced the following bugs in CVS 
> 25/05/20004:
> 1. The Guides are not handled correctly both on page templates and normal 
> pages. The "lock guides" checkbox doesn`t show any effort - guides can still 
> be moved with the mouse. As a strange behaviour, when there are two or more 
> guides (locked) and I want to move one of them with the mouse, another is 
> selected instead and put to the current cursor possition.
> A member of my group told me, that the snap to guides function doesn`t work - 
> didn`t test it yet. 
> 2. If I use a manual width and hight for pages in the propreties dialog they 
> are not assignt correctly for new documents (Yes I have closed and started 
> Scribus again after setting the propreties). The created document is much 
> smaller than the one defined in the propreties.

Confirm. This is a bug I have filed:
> 3. The drag and drop of template pages in the pages pallete doesn`t work (or 
> am I doing something wrong?)

This is very position sensitive, but it works.
> 4. After exporting to pdf, Scribus crashed (signal 11) if I want to open the 
> sla file again. Here is the output (SuSE 9.1 with KDE3.2.1 /3.2.2 and 
> QT3.2.1 /3.2.2 brought the same results):
> #Calling Emergency Save
> #saving: /daten/jmc/layout/scribus_daten/sla/pampapaper.sla.emergency
> #QWidget (ps): deleted while being painted
> #QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted
> OK, that`s it for the moment.
> Thanks for the great app again,
> Sebastian R?der 


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