[Scribus] bug hunting results from the jmc 2004

Sebastian Röder sebroeder
Thu Jun 3 14:05:41 CEST 2004


I`m back from the jmc 2004 (jugendmediencamp / youth media camp) and the 
members of my layout workshop experienced the following bugs in CVS 

1. The Guides are not handled correctly both on page templates and normal 
pages. The "lock guides" checkbox doesn`t show any effort - guides can still 
be moved with the mouse. As a strange behaviour, when there are two or more 
guides (locked) and I want to move one of them with the mouse, another is 
selected instead and put to the current cursor possition.

A member of my group told me, that the snap to guides function doesn`t work - 
didn`t test it yet. 

2. If I use a manual width and hight for pages in the propreties dialog they 
are not assignt correctly for new documents (Yes I have closed and started 
Scribus again after setting the propreties). The created document is much 
smaller than the one defined in the propreties.

3. The drag and drop of template pages in the pages pallete doesn`t work (or 
am I doing something wrong?)

4. After exporting to pdf, Scribus crashed (signal 11) if I want to open the 
sla file again. Here is the output (SuSE 9.1 with KDE3.2.1 /3.2.2 and 
QT3.2.1 /3.2.2 brought the same results):

#Calling Emergency Save
#saving: /daten/jmc/layout/scribus_daten/sla/pampapaper.sla.emergency
#QWidget (ps): deleted while being painted
#QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted

OK, that`s it for the moment.
Thanks for the great app again,

Sebastian R?der 

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