[Scribus] Your favorite CRT Monitor.

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Thu Jun 3 09:44:49 CEST 2004

Hi John,

John Culleton schrieb:

> So what is your favorite make/model?

I've been working with an Iiyama Vision Master Pro21 for about 6 years 
now. Although the monitor is getting older (some darker spot at the 
right bottom edge) it is still surprising me when I come back from 
another monitor and see that it's almost as crisp as a TFT. At the time 
I bought that thing it was about 1.800 Euros (3.600 Deutschmarks) but 
was still a bargain if compared with the Eizo and Sony CRTs then.

It is combined with a Matrox card, and the Linux drivers (MGA) work well.

> Also, is anyone doing serious color work witth a flat panel 

No, not even on my monitor, everything I do here is still black and 
white :-)


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