[Scribus] Your favorite CRT Monitor.

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Wed Jun 2 17:05:45 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 02 June 2004 09:39 am, John Culleton wrote:
> It is time for the hardware to catch up to the software. I
> am shopping for a large (19" or bigger) color monitor with
> adjustable gamma for work in Scribus, littleCMS and so on.
> Obviously cost is a consideration.
> So what is your favorite make/model?
> Also, is anyone doing serious color work witth a flat panel
> display? I am told that the color shift from different
> viewing angles rules them out, but what is your view?

Unless you are willing to spend megabucks LCD is out.

The best "bargain" DTP level monitor I have seen is the Samsung DF models in 
19" and 21" I have tested them along side more expensive Sony flat screens.

These models come with Mitsubishi flat screen tubes and as long as they are 
not damaged in shipment have excellent geometry and decent color, as measured 
with DisplayMate. I would recommend a visit to www.displaymate.com anyways. 
There is a wealth of info on displays on that site.

The other part of the equation for good color is video card choice. For DTP 
under Windows Matrox is superb. On a high end DTP workstation, I would not 
choose anything else, especially for photo work.

Both the binary matrox drivers and the Xfree86 mga driver work pretty well im 
my experience.


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