[Scribus] Windows version still in works?

Paul paul
Wed Jul 14 23:24:06 CEST 2004


>     I have been watching the group for a  while. I asked some time ago
> about a windows version, and also about compiling on cygwin. A very
> friendly man said he was working on a Windows binary package, and
> would be done fairly soon. 

There should still be details on compiling for cygwin on the scribus.net
website. As for a native version, it's a case of when I have the actual
time at work to get it running.

As I've not been around here for a while, you can guess at the time
frame I'm looking at.... As it stands though, most of the porting is
dead simple. The problems come with fonts and printing. Everything else
is a sinch though. Printing under Windows is evil. Nothing else can
describe it.

Hmm, Parchment Press - aren't you the folks who print C Vu and Overload
for the ACCU?



C Vu editor
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