[Scribus] print preview doesn`t show photos and transparency correct

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Jul 12 21:02:48 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 20:51, Sebastian R?der wrote:
> Hi list,
> my new project is not shown correctly in the print preview. I have put a b/w 
> photo into the background but the print preview only show a light blue 
> background instead. I have transparency for pdf1.4 enabled (disabled=same 
> problem )but the picture is without transparency, just normal jpg. I`ve 
> changed the size of the photo since it had position x: -3 and y:-3 and is 
> bigger than the page. Same problem. Then I?ve enabled the crop contents to 
> margens function, no effort. The page size is landscape 168x146mm (custom).
> The page exports correctly to pdf. The semi-transparency in my text background 
> is not shown correct in the preview, too. In the scribus main window 
> everything is OK.

Print preview depends on your Ghostscript version to create the preview.
What version do you have? We use AFPL 8.14. 

> Feature or Bug? Normaly keys F10 / F11 hide and unhide the tools and margens, 
> guidelines etc. , but if you are not in the main window, e.g. if the 
> propreties palette is active (highlited) then it will not work. A bit 
> confusing - I thought it doens`t work at all until I understood this spezial 
> behaviour. The F11 and F10 key should be written to the shortcuts overview, 
> too.

Yes.. doesnt work.. hmm. ok

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