[Scribus] text is in color, picture isn't

Pierre Abbat phma
Mon Jul 5 03:29:54 CEST 2004

On Thursday 01 July 2004 22:25, Plinnell wrote:
> So, in your case, I would export "plain" SVG from Sodipodi or optionally
> export a high res PNG. Then import into Scribus. This will keep your colors
> in RGB and when printed, will probably match the screen fairly closely. A
> BJC 6000 is more than likely an "RGB" printer in that it expects RGB data
> and either the driver or printer firmware does the conversion to CMY or
> CMYK internally. Few inkjets are true CMYK printers.

I tried to import the SVG into the picture box. It didn't work. It went to the 
background, and showed up only in print preview (I didn't try actually 
printing it), not in edit mode. Do I need to upgrade? I have 1.1.1.

> Another way for close matching is to export a PDF and print using kprinter
> or XPP with the gimp-print drivers which can do subtle tweaking to make the
> colors match very closely.

I made a PDF, with the picture box containing the EPS. Same story. It prints 
the picture in grayscale, but shows color on the screen.

li fi'u vu'u fi'u fi'u du li pa

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