[Scribus] text is in color, picture isn't

Serban Udrea S.Udrea
Fri Jul 2 12:11:17 CEST 2004

Plinnell wrote:
> On Thursday 01 July 2004 21:35, Pierre Abbat wrote:
>>I am designing labels for a skin cream and related products. I drew the
>>logo in color using Sodipodi, exported it to PS and converted it to EPS. I
>>wrote the text in Scribus and included the picture. I printed it. The
>>picture came out in grayscale, but I can change the color of the text and
>>it prints in color. If I print to a file and view it onscreen with
>>kghostview, both the image and the text are in color. The printer is a BJC
>>6000 on a computer running CUPS. The only clue as to why it's wrong is that
>>the text is in CMYK and the picture is in RGB. How do I fix it?


I had a similar problem but with a PS-file generated from a LaTex 
source. The point was that the EPS-files refered by the LaTex source 
were at PS level 2 while the PS file created from the document was at 
level 1. The result was that all the EPS-pictures where black&white. 
After I created a PS file at level 2 from the document everything was OK.

Hope this gives a clue.


Serban Udrea

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