[Scribus] small 1.1.4 bug

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Jan 27 00:12:28 CET 2004

Hi Franky

> I stumbled across a small, yet annoying, bug in 1.1.4 (officially relased
> version):
> when exporting to pdf, scribus randomly drops linked text frames. With
> this I mean it just doesn't include them in the pdf output, only empty
> white spaces. Sometimes I get around this by adding a space at the
> beginning of the second (or third) frame, but most of the times I need to
> break up the chain and fit in my text manually in two frames.
> This happens totally random: I had a doc where one chain gave me troubles,
> but another one didn't. When I tried adding a space in the second frame of
> the trobuled text chain, the first one wouldn't print to pdf any more ...
> I have to add that the frames linked together were on different pages,
> maybe that is part of the problem?
> I hope this is enough info to go by ...

Please send me a sample file if you can. I can test with 1.1.5cvs.

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