[Scribus] Crashes (auto. text frames, reverse linking)

O. Moskalenko malex
Tue Jan 27 15:30:05 CET 2004

On my system (Debian GNU/Linux unstable branch) current 1.1.5cvs Scribus
seems to hit a couple of roadblocks.

1) Scribus crashes if I attempt to copy a page when "automatic text frames"
option was selected during the creation of a new document. If I create a
new document, add a text frame, then copy that page, I don't get a

2) If I set the Edit-->Preferences-->General-->Document-->Page size to
"Letter", then the new file dialog pre-selects "Tabloid" instead of
"Letter". If I don't change that setting, I get the usual "A4". Could
someone verify that? 

3) Another observation. If I select a text frame on one page and link it
to the one on the next page and then try to link the second frame to the
first one Scribus goes bonkers and has to be killed. Now, I know I
"should not do something like that (TM)", but it'd be nice to have a
buit-in check that would trample such behavior.

I'm not attaching strace and ltrace files as they are large. Please grab
them from a webserver, if interested.

Thank you,




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