[Scribus] text to outlines? - recreateable crash

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon Jan 26 23:02:01 CET 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 13:39, Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:
>>The only thing I can think of that could cause this (other than not 
>>having been designed in) is the fact that Scribus can't local a valid 
>>Ghostscript version. This is really sad because I have gs 7.05 installed 
>>outside the /sw file tree and have had every version available via Fink 
>>installed at one time or another and Scribus has consistantly failed to 
>>find gs. Do I need to set an environment variable or is this a known bug 
>>with the Fink install script?
> Probably an issue with the configure/install scripts. Anyones else got
> this issue on a Mac?

No. I tried hard, with all kinds of bad PATH or other environment 
variables, moving and removing ghostscript etc, but I was not able to 
produce a crash when converting fonts to outlines. Actually, I have yet 
to see a crash with scribus-1.1.4 on Mac OSX 10.3.

My guess is a bad font.

I also never managed for scribus not to find a fink-installed 
ghostscript. What you *can* do on Mac OSX is start programs with a bad 
set of environment variables. There is a menu in the X11 menu bar that 
lets you do this easily. Of course, if gs is not in the PATH variable in 
the environment that scribus is started in, it will not find it. But the 
worst event in this case is a file name instead of a picture when you 
try to import an eps picture.


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