[Scribus] crashes; window managers

bart at solozone.com bart
Mon Jan 26 15:55:39 CET 2004

I use  cvs and I do not have these crash problems but I notice mention of window managers and gnome and I would like to share my experience with the upgrades to gnome on the January 15 2004 date on www.suse.com. These  went smoothly until gcof and gconf2 failed and my graphics failed to load and since the manager remembered the prior setting I kept getting gnome stopping cold. i had to reconstruct the graphics by unloading 100 packages through YAST in text mode. Then I had to reconstruct the tool bar in kde. I have never liked gnome and actually had the SAME problem six months ago on another box for the same reason. Moral: do not trust any qt upgrades except those from SuSE and do not use any gnome upgrades at all.
bart at solozone.com

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