[Scribus] Translation: Moving from PO to TS file

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sun Jan 25 12:01:43 CET 2004

Hi everybody (translating folks in particular),
I recently upgraded my Polish Scribus translation and migrated it from
the PO to TS file format, as described in this Mini Howto
(many thanks to Alexandre Prokoudine for this fine piece of work).
Both moving from PO to TS and updating the resulting TS file to the
current Scribus state went just fine. There is not much to say about
working with Qt Linquist and TS files: it's easy, you can create your
binary QM files from within QT Linquist and test your translation
immediately. I like in particular the idea of being independent of
irregularely updated POT files and sticking close to the current Scribus

There is still one minor issue with the new TS files, though: a few
already translated messages from the PO file don't appear in the new TS 
file, neither in English original nor in translation, not even after
updating it to the current CVS state. I checked it with both Polish and
Russian translation, the only two that exist in the TS file format at
the moment. These messages are in particular:

	Initialiazing... (appears on launching Scribus)
	Look in: File name: File type: (in File --> Save as... / Open... windows )
	New Script: (in Edit --> Javascripts.. --> Add window)
	Save Page as SVG... (File --> Export...)
	Import SVG-Image (File --> Import...)
	All Messages in File --> Document Info... window  ("Author:" "Title:" "Description:" "Cancel") 
	Insert Special  (Extras --> Insert Special)
	New Color: (Edit --> Colors... --> New window)
	Shade: (Style --> Shade --> Other... window)

	Help --> Scripter Manual... (this message is translated, but all Polish
and Russian diacritics are replaced by question marks - wrong encoding
taken over from  the scripter plugin?)

To my Polish colleages on the list: Czy znacie moze polskie odpowiedniki
slow "Blackpoint compensation" oraz "relativ / absolute colorimetric"?
Moje poszukiwania nie przyniosly niestety rezultatu.

best regards
Maciej Hanski

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