[Scribus] Line breaks

Tomasz Koprowski klapek
Sun Jan 25 11:40:59 CET 2004


> I'm not sure I understand why you are getting that behavior.  I'm using
> 1.1.4 also, and find that any style changes are applied to all of the
> text I have selected.

In my case, some changes (like text size) apply to the whole text while other
(alignment) only to current paragraph. Selecting a "style" applies only
to the current paragraph.

> In addition, if you select the text box without being in the edit contents 
> mode (you get a cross instead of a cursor,
> and can move the text box around) any style selected will apply to the
> entire contents of the text box.

Yes, this way it works. Thanx for the tip.

> Is a frame something different than a text box?

It's a text box created with "insert text frame" button.

Tomek Koprowski

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