[Scribus] performance problems

Sebastian Röder seppelrockt
Wed Jan 21 09:55:08 CET 2004

>Can you supply me with the following to see if I can spot the boo-boo
>1. Kernel version
>2. Qt version
>3. g++ version
>4. Desktop (Gnome/KDE/Ximian etc)

Kernel (SuSE k_athlon)
QT 3.2.3
GCC 3.3.1
KDE 3.2 beta2 (Problem also exists unter Gnome 2.2)

I will set up a new basic system on an other partition with SuSE 9.0 (without 
other Software, only from SuSE DVD) and try my checkinstall Scribus rpms 
there. KDE 3.2 seems not to be the reason, and Scribus works with max. 8% 
CPU-usage (Gnome-System-Monitor)and aprox. 60 MB RAM usage . But it IS slow, 
the CVS from 17th and 19th January are, and the 1.0.1 (SuSE) is, too. Maybe 
I've crashed my system - have had lot a problems in the past two weeks.

Is it useful to turn the debugging-option on for ./configure?

I found out, that there is the following message, when I start scribus:

**** This file has a corrupted %%EOF marker, or garbage after the %%EOF.
**** The file was produced by Corel PDF Engine Version 11.693:
**** please notify the author of this software
**** that the file does not conform to Adobe's published PDF
**** specification.  Processing of the file will continue normally.

As I sad, I have put two pdf-files into graphic boxes advertisment from 
sponsors - may on of them be corrupt and cause performance problems?

Thnaks so far for fast responding...
Sebastian R?der 

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