[Scribus] performance problems

PFJ paul
Wed Jan 21 10:08:18 CET 2004


> Kernel (SuSE k_athlon)
> QT 3.2.3
> GCC 3.3.1
> KDE 3.2 beta2 (Problem also exists unter Gnome 2.2)

These should be fine. I have noticed a small slowdown with very large
files on the current developer CVS, but it is not apparent under the
version of KDE which shipped with RH9, so I'm not ruling out that that
is one of the problems.

> Is it useful to turn the debugging-option on for ./configure?

Nope. I've not put in the debugging code yet - other things have drawn
on my time :-(

> I found out, that there is the following message, when I start scribus:
> **** This file has a corrupted %%EOF marker, or garbage after the %%EOF.
> **** The file was produced by Corel PDF Engine Version 11.693:
> **** please notify the author of this software
> **** that the file does not conform to Adobe's published PDF
> **** specification.  Processing of the file will continue normally.

Eh? There is something seriously screwy going on there as all of our PDF
code was written by Franz. We make no use whatsoever of any other
material. This could be one of the problems!

> As I sad, I have put two pdf-files into graphic boxes advertisment from 
> sponsors - may on of them be corrupt and cause performance problems?

Are you trying to load a PDF back into Scribus?

> Thnaks so far for fast responding...

We try our best :-)


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