[Scribus] Qt/Mac port of Scribus

Kevin Walzer kevin
Wed Jan 21 04:04:42 CET 2004

Freetype, as far as I know, runs fine on OS X. I've got it installed in 
support of a TeX distro, and I think it's part of the KDE-Darwin 
support libraries as well. (Ranger Rick, please correct me if I'm 
wrong.) There are plenty of apps using Apple API's released under the 
GPL, such as TexShop 
(http://www.uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/texshop.html) which is written in 
Cocoa. However, it shouldn't be necessary to do a full-scale port to 
Apple API's; wouldn't it be better to stick with QT as much as 
possible, to maintain compatibility with the Linux version, and just 
modify where needed to build/run on OS X (i.e. hacking out the X11 
dependencies)? That's the strategy the KDE-Darwin team is following. On 
the other hand, the Scribus team is actively working on a Windows port 
(with commerical sponsorship, if I'm not mistaken), and there's 
probably a fair amount of translation needed there. Can anyone on the 
Scribus team give us some detail here?

If you want, I can finish updating the files in Xcode (changing the 
#include foo.moc statements to #include moc_foo.cpp--there's a lot of 
them) and then forward to you with more detailed instructions. That's 
the limit of my ablities at this point. Xcode supports the development 
of Qt apps, or could be the basis of a more Mac-natve port. Let me know 
what you'd like to do.

On Jan 18, 2004, at 6:24 PM, Joseph Holsten wrote:

> Hey, yeah I'd love to help. I think the outline is good, but I'm a 
> little confused with freetype. Would it be better to maintain freetype 
> rendering or use the apple API's? There are three things I'm thinking 
> about: I don't know how different the API's are, i don't know how to 
> place the rendered glyphs on the screen from freetype, I don't know 
> about the legal issues of a GPL app linking to a closed library. I 
> know the other way is illegal.
> If anyone has knowledge about the usage of freetype on a mac, or 
> converting between the API's, please respond.
> -gaph

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