[Scribus] Modify elements of a 'templated' page ?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Jan 20 21:51:04 CET 2004

Hi Nicolas

> This is my first post on this list, and I hope one can post in english (or french :o)
> because I can't speak german.

English or French is just fine. Most people post in English. 2 or 3 of
the main developers understand enough French to get by or better.

> I'm discovering Scribus, I read the french doc, and tested all that can be tested in page
> layout, and I still don't understand something :
> I created a template for a page, and I use it on many pages.
> As it is said in the french doc, then, I can't modify an element that has been created from a template.
> This is fine with decoration, but very annoying with frames that could contain text.
> Indeed, I'd like to add in my template some frames with borders, colors and other things, then use it amongst
> my huge document. Then in each page, change the text contained in those elements.
> At the end, I may need to change to design of those frames if the shape/colors/smell don't fit.
> So here are my questions :
> - Is it still true I can't modify an element coming from a template ?

Thats still true. It may change in the future.

> - If yes, why has it been design so ? Is there a workaround ?

No real workaround. Designed so.. because that how it was designed.
Sorry, no real answer there. I can talk to Franz about it. We can add it
to the long to-do list. It certainly won't be in 1.1.5.

> - I don't know how to create a frame with a special border. Do I have to play with groups ?

No, go to Properties, then go into Colours, turn on the line colour,
then go into Line and choose the effects you like. You can also create a
line style and just apply that to the line (under the edit, line styles

> Thank you, and happy new year, this is never too late :o)

Thanks for joining us!
Don't forget, if you have any feature requests or bugs to report, please
visit bugs.scribus.net and submit them (after creating a login).

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