[Scribus] Modify elements of a 'templated' page ?

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas.scribus
Tue Jan 20 21:26:39 CET 2004


This is my first post on this list, and I hope one can post in english (or french :o)
because I can't speak german.

I'm discovering Scribus, I read the french doc, and tested all that can be tested in page
layout, and I still don't understand something :
I created a template for a page, and I use it on many pages.
As it is said in the french doc, then, I can't modify an element that has been created from a template.
This is fine with decoration, but very annoying with frames that could contain text.

Indeed, I'd like to add in my template some frames with borders, colors and other things, then use it amongst
my huge document. Then in each page, change the text contained in those elements.
At the end, I may need to change to design of those frames if the shape/colors/smell don't fit.

So here are my questions :

- Is it still true I can't modify an element coming from a template ?
- If yes, why has it been design so ? Is there a workaround ?

- I don't know how to create a frame with a special border. Do I have to play with groups ?

Thank you, and happy new year, this is never too late :o)

Nicolas Ecarnot

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