[Scribus] performance problems

Paul paul
Tue Jan 20 21:31:17 CET 2004


> I experienced hard performance problems with the latest cvs 17/01/2004 und 
> 19/01/2004. Loading times are very long, scrolling and copying are leading to 
> 100% CPU usage, as well as saving actions. The scrapbook  and the storyeditor 
> are very, slow, too - I often see just white windows for more than 10 
> seconds. KWin sometimes crashes. 

As the chap who has done a heck of a lot of the performance changes, I
can honestly say I've not come across anything like this on any of my
systems. If it is a problem, I need to get it sorted now as I've sent to
Franz another couple of hundred K of changes, all of which do improve
the speed.

Can you supply me with the following to see if I can spot the boo-boo

1. Kernel version
2. Qt version
3. g++ version
4. Desktop (Gnome/KDE/Ximian etc)

If you can also verify it is scribus which is snarling things up by
opening a terminal window and running gnome-system-monitor and checking
it's not a KDE problem (you'll see a list with percentages next to it -
if scribus is at fault, it'll register a high figure, otherwise it will
register almost zero).

The other thing to try is to rename your original scribus directory and
do a fresh checkout and also rename your .scribus.rc file. Again, it
could just be something getting snarled up.

> Max this problem be cased by KDE beta2, which has done a good job here for 3 
> weeks or is this problem scribus-related.

Unlikely to be the KDE problem.

> I have a box with SuSE 9.0 running, Athlon XP 1700+, 512MB DDR RAM - should be 
> enough, though?!?


> And the is no fix for the copy and past problem, right?

It's on the developers CVS, should be on the anoncvs shortly (Franz
usually does that update).


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