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Petr Vaněk petr
Sat Jan 10 11:57:36 CET 2004

hm, IMHO this text should be mentioned on scribus.net as a part
of the "holly book of the typographer"...

On Friday 09 of January 2004 20:04, Mardigrafe - Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Here is basically how we generally deal with such more or less complicated
> documents. I didn't try it with Scribus but we do that with Quark all the
> time with long text documents and complicated layouts. It should work.
> Let's cut down the process into pieces!
> Let's assume your text is its definitive form (edited, revised, proofread)
> Step 1 : Define your "typographic grid" based on the layout you want to
> achieve : all this with the help of stylesheets.
> Step 2 : Test these parameters on a few pages to see how they fit and don't
> forget to identify in your text the longest and shortest occurences (again,
> to see how this fits with the typographic grid you intend to work with) of
> titles, subtitles, legends, etc. - basically, all elements of the text for
> which your layout requires so many text boxes.
> Step 3 : Once this is all done, format all your text using the stylesheets
> you defined (and I mean, all your text : you'll get used to this after a
> while and will only be more efficient). To achieve this, you can just
> create a new document in Scribus with only one text box and so many linked
> pages to fit the complete raw text. Then, using the stylesheets, do the
> formatting.
> Step 4 : Once your text is all properly formatted you can easily print it
> and proofread it, and make de last minute changes. This will be easy
> because there is no layout in the way...
> Step 5 : Create your pages with empty text boxes according to your layout
> (this will be the final document).
> Step 6 : Copy/paste from the formatted text to the layout and make all
> necessary adjustments.
> Ideally, you would be able to use the same stylesheet in both documents.
> I hope this helps!

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