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Mardigrafe - Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Fri Jan 9 20:04:42 CET 2004

? (At) 13:22 -0500 09/01/04, Bob White ?crivait (wrote) :
>Thanks for your reply, and I see your point.  I could easily accommodate
>preparing the text in another application if there was a way to cut and
>paste from there into the text boxes in Scribu.  I'm dealing with
>roughly 160 separate boxes, and the only way I see make it work is to
>generate 160 text files. Keeping all that straight is mind-boggling.
>If there is a better way, I would like to learn it. :)

Here is basically how we generally deal with such more or less complicated documents. I didn't try it with Scribus but we do that with Quark all the time with long text documents and complicated layouts. It should work.

Let's cut down the process into pieces!

Let's assume your text is its definitive form (edited, revised, proofread)

Step 1 : Define your "typographic grid" based on the layout you want to achieve : all this with the help of stylesheets.

Step 2 : Test these parameters on a few pages to see how they fit and don't forget to identify in your text the longest and shortest occurences (again, to see how this fits with the typographic grid you intend to work with) of titles, subtitles, legends, etc. - basically, all elements of the text for which your layout requires so many text boxes.

Step 3 : Once this is all done, format all your text using the stylesheets you defined (and I mean, all your text : you'll get used to this after a while and will only be more efficient). To achieve this, you can just create a new document in Scribus with only one text box and so many linked pages to fit the complete raw text. Then, using the stylesheets, do the formatting.

Step 4 : Once your text is all properly formatted you can easily print it and proofread it, and make de last minute changes. This will be easy because there is no layout in the way...

Step 5 : Create your pages with empty text boxes according to your layout (this will be the final document).

Step 6 : Copy/paste from the formatted text to the layout and make all necessary adjustments.

Ideally, you would be able to use the same stylesheet in both documents.

I hope this helps!

Louis Desjardins

>Bob White

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