[Scribus] wish lists (was: Tables in Scribus?)

Steve Herrick steveh
Fri Jan 9 05:32:41 CET 2004

Quoting Peter Linnell <scribusdocs at atlantictechsolutions.com>: 
> See my comments in-line - based on current cvs.. 
Is there a feature list for the current CVS? I don't recall seeing one. 
> There is a 
> new crash handler to protect documents. It works well and saves an 
> .emergencgy file. 
Good to know. I still get the occasional crash. 
> > What's really missing : 
> > - Drop caps 
> Can be done manually. An example is in the docs.  
Yes, but should it have to be? I thought this was a wish list. With that in mind, I'd like to ask 
that the drop caps function also include raised caps and outdented caps options. And the body 
text should wrap to the shape of the dropped letter. Hey, it's a wish list! 
> > - Multicolumn in a text box (but I think this is fixed) - Done 
Yay! Go team! That alone is worth upgrading to 1.1.5. 
Here's my list, and I confess I haven't checked the wish list in so long I can't remember where 
it is, nor have I tried 1.1.5cvs. That said, here's what I still hope for. 
- Widow/orphan control 
- Spellczeck 
- Article-based (not frame-based) statistics, maybe even document statistics 
- A way to select all linked text 
- Drop shadows 
- 0.1-point as the *default* adjustment rate in linespacing and kerning (maybe a preference?) 
- Double-click to select a word, triple-click to select a line 
- Also, I notice that when I edit using the story editor, all my kerning goes away. This is a pain. 

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