[Scribus] Re: wish lists (was: Tables in Scribus?)

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Fri Jan 9 05:41:31 CET 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 23:32, Steve Herrick wrote:
> Quoting Peter Linnell <scribusdocs at atlantictechsolutions.com>: 
> > See my comments in-line - based on current cvs.. 
> Is there a feature list for the current CVS? I don't recall seeing one. 

We don't keep a specs list like stable, but the cvs change logs are
updated daily with much more detail than before and are one click from
the front page at http://scribus.net
> > There is a 
> > new crash handler to protect documents. It works well and saves an 
> > .emergencgy file. 
> Good to know. I still get the occasional crash. 
It works well. I have rarely has corruption issues with files - so this
is a belt and suspenders approach to encourage people to migrate to
latest releases, which truly are less crash prone.
> > > What's really missing : 
> > > - Drop caps 
> >  
> > Can be done manually. An example is in the docs.  
> Yes, but should it have to be? I thought this was a wish list. With that in mind, I'd like to ask 
> that the drop caps function also include raised caps and outdented caps options. And the body 
> text should wrap to the shape of the dropped letter. Hey, it's a wish list! 
> > > - Multicolumn in a text box (but I think this is fixed) - Done 
> Yay! Go team! That alone is worth upgrading to 1.1.5. 

It is an 1.1.5 is making some strides in stability. I am back to my
pre-1.0 RC days - beating on the code all I can ;) The docs are
suffering accordingly. :(
> Here's my list, and I confess I haven't checked the wish list in so long I can't remember where 
> it is, nor have I tried 1.1.5cvs. That said, here's what I still hope for. 
> - Widow/orphan control 
> - Spellczeck 
> - Article-based (not frame-based) statistics, maybe even document statistics 
> - A way to select all linked text 
> - Drop shadows 
> - 0.1-point as the *default* adjustment rate in linespacing and kerning (maybe a preference?) 
> - Double-click to select a word, triple-click to select a line 
> - Also, I notice that when I edit using the story editor, all my kerning goes away. This is a pain. 
> Steve 




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