[Scribus] auto sizing of text boxes

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jan 5 03:58:40 CET 2004

Magic Page wrote:
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> As I continue to fiddle around with Scribus on various projects, a 
>> feature that occurs to me would be very useful would be some kind of 
>> auto-sizing of text boxes.
>> I would envision these possible capabilities:
>> 1. Making a text box of a certain size, then having Scribus adjust the 
>> font size so that the text fits inside the box.
>> 2. Making a text box, locking the width (or height) and font size, 
>> then having Scribus adjust the height (or width) to fit in the text.
>> 3. Extension of No.2 -- if text will not fit for a given page size, 
>> then a new page and/or text box is created using the locked parameters 
>> of the first box (size, font size, XY coordinates of the upper left 
>> corner).
>> I realize this is a lot easier to envision than code for, but I find 
>> myself doing a lot of manual tweaking of the various parameters just 
>> to accomplish this, especially when I want to draw a border line and 
>> have a nice balanced border around the text.
>> Gregory Pittman
>> Louisville
>> --------------
> Gregory,
> I could envision more complaints about something like you have suggested 
> than compliments.  Why?  Because of the lack of control afforded to the 
> user.
> Patrick

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear -- what I was suggesting was an 
option, much like the ways you can resize an image to fit a box. 
Especially in Scribus, which is designed to import text rather than 
easily enter/edit it. Think about the ways you can use the auto-sizing 
features for images -- they are very useful.
It seems that there is a large interest in people who make newsletters. 
Simple layouts might work easily with templates; complex, I'm not so sure.
Another thought would be whether scripts might accomplish something like 
this, but I don't know Python.

Gregory Pittman

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