[Scribus] auto sizing of text boxes

Magic Page magicpage91
Sun Jan 4 05:16:19 CET 2004

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> As I continue to fiddle around with Scribus on various projects, a 
> feature that occurs to me would be very useful would be some kind of 
> auto-sizing of text boxes.
> I would envision these possible capabilities:
> 1. Making a text box of a certain size, then having Scribus adjust the 
> font size so that the text fits inside the box.
> 2. Making a text box, locking the width (or height) and font size, then 
> having Scribus adjust the height (or width) to fit in the text.
> 3. Extension of No.2 -- if text will not fit for a given page size, then 
> a new page and/or text box is created using the locked parameters of the 
> first box (size, font size, XY coordinates of the upper left corner).
> I realize this is a lot easier to envision than code for, but I find 
> myself doing a lot of manual tweaking of the various parameters just to 
> accomplish this, especially when I want to draw a border line and have a 
> nice balanced border around the text.
> Gregory Pittman
> Louisville
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I could envision more complaints about something like you have suggested 
than compliments.  Why?  Because of the lack of control afforded to the 
user.  Anytime you start doing so many "automatic" things, you take away 
control from the user and DTP is all about the creative abilities of the 

What you might want to look at for your problem, if you are finding you 
are doing this a lot, is to make templates or use styles to make this 
easier for you.  I have done the templates, but not much with styles 
yet, but I'm sure several here could give you some hints on that. 
Probably some other things in Scribus that would ease your work too, it 
is quite vast and flexible in it's capabilities!


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