[Scribus] svg import

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Dec 27 11:34:57 CET 2004


> I'm still don't understand some things about SVG import:
> 1) Why I need to close all my windows for import new artwork?

You dont

> 2) Why some big atrworks after import take place more, than canvas? (for
> example openclipart-0.08/buildings/carnegie_library_building_01.svg)

Without closing your documents it will import into the current document at the 
current page size.

> 3) Why Proportional scaling (by mouse with Ctrl-holded) don't work on
> imported atrworks, and work on self-drawing (on the same document)?

Hmm.. yes.. seems to be an issue there

> 4) Why I can't import extremely easy artworks (example in attach, taken
> from galeries section of inkscape's site)?

Inkscape and SodiPodi do sometimes use non standard SVG however, and if things 
dont work you should try saving as Plain SVG from those programs. This import 
appears off the page as fred points out. Tools Outline, set the new origin 
and set proportional sizing on Properties Palette and set your new width.

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