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Guest007 trash4
Mon Dec 27 12:22:05 CET 2004

? ????????? ?? 27 ??????? 2004 13:34 Craig Bradney ???????(a):
> Hi
> > I'm still don't understand some things about SVG import:
> > 1) Why I need to close all my windows for import new artwork?
> You dont
I'm based on your answer to me in last week:

> > And long-time problem with SVG import -- all images inserts in incredible
> > large size. Much larger, then current paper. And can't find way for
> > proportional scaling (by mouse).
> File Import without a document open. They will be imported onto a page as 
> defined in the SVG. No problem there. Control Drag will resize 
> proportionally.
But now all works. Thanks alot.

> > 4) Why I can't import extremely easy artworks (example in attach, taken
> > from galeries section of inkscape's site)?
> Inkscape and SodiPodi do sometimes use non standard SVG however, and if
> things dont work you should try saving as Plain SVG from those programs.
> This import appears off the page as fred points out. Tools Outline, set the
> new origin and set proportional sizing on Properties Palette and set your
> new width.
Thank you!!!!

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