[Scribus] My apologies to the list...

Steve Herrick estebandido
Tue Dec 21 07:54:59 CET 2004

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 21:50:50 -0800, Servants <servants at cotse.net> wrote:
> Re: English finally replaces unreadable text
> My apologies to those of you on the Scribus
> mailing list who were offended by my post.
... Spanish, for instance,
> is easy to understand (at least the context)
> though I've never studied it, for so many words
> are borrowed from English.

<mode = "pedantic">
For the record, there are only a handful of words in Spanish that have
been borrowed from English. There are, however, a great many that
share a common root, namely Latin (having arrived in English via
French around 1066).

> Scribus, nor any other open source project, has
> not or will not achieve the growth and success
> desired by the developers unless the default
> language is English - the International language.

For my part, I'm both delighted and impressed by the level of English
of the non-native speakers on this list. As I live and work in my
second language, I know it isn't easy.
> My comment was wit, as noted by Malte, and not a
> jab intended to offend anyone. It's actually quite
> comical. Though I'm not fluent in all of them, I
> speak and/or understand 4 languages - and two sign
> languages. When I'm at home English is not the first
> language that I speak. If I mailed the list in that
> tongue I dare say only one other person I've encountered
> on this list would understand it.

Want to give us any more hints?
> When the redrawing
> issue is changed, I believe Scribus will begin to be
> a contender -- and I'm hanging around, learning, and
> helping whenever my limited knowledge of that area
> allows.

Good. We all need to be patient with each other now and then. 

Anyway, apology accepted... at least by me! 

Nothing changes on New Year's Day.
- U2

Everything can change on a New Year's Day.
- Rage Against the Machine

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