[Scribus] My apologies to the list...

Servants servants
Tue Dec 21 06:50:50 CET 2004

Re: English finally replaces unreadable text

My apologies to those of you on the Scribus
mailing list who were offended by my post. It
was not meant as criticism, nor do I have a
bad attitude towards Germans - or any other
of the people groups God has created. I was
actually excited. Without that change, I was
unable to properly mail the list, as I've
done now. Once it was changed to English, it
seemed quite comical to me that I couldn't
previously understand it. Spanish, for instance,
is easy to understand (at least the context)
though I've never studied it, for so many words
are borrowed from English.

When I signed up for the Scribus mailing list
over a year ago, I was informed that it was an
English language list. Correct?  But until
this past week, I couldn't read the instructions
because they weren't in English.

Nor do I feel Americans are lazy, as Mr. Pittman
alleges. Most of the free world is so because of them.
Many Americans gave their lives for the freedom of
others -- not quite what I would label as "lazy."
I don't live in America, but am there visiting for
another 2 weeks. Has Mr. Pittman noticed that every
product in America has it's packaging printed in at
least two (and some more) languages?

Seems my post has been misunderstood by all the
native English speakers who replied, and the only
one who replied with an open mind is a native
German speaker.  :~)

Scribus, nor any other open source project, has
not or will not achieve the growth and success
desired by the developers unless the default
language is English - the International language.

My comment was wit, as noted by Malte, and not a
jab intended to offend anyone. It's actually quite
comical. Though I'm not fluent in all of them, I
speak and/or understand 4 languages - and two sign
languages. When I'm at home English is not the first
language that I speak. If I mailed the list in that
tongue I dare say only one other person I've encountered
on this list would understand it.

So, kudos to Franz and the Scribus team! I've
been following it for over a year now, patiently
waiting until it reaches a point of replacing
PageMaker as my DTP app. I don't know a programming
language, nor do I intend to learn one, but have
contributed more than one bug report. Usually what I
find has already been reported by someone with more
knowledge in that area than myself. When the redrawing
issue is changed, I believe Scribus will begin to be
a contender -- and I'm hanging around, learning, and
helping whenever my limited knowledge of that area


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