[Scribus] WP & DTP? How about TeX?

bart at solozone.com bart
Mon Dec 20 04:20:44 CET 2004

I think it is clear that we are all in the DTP mode and those who need such will want scribus certainly.
THe WP folks have kword and open office and kword does frames, too. I don't see the need to flame the backwards WP people; they are not sophisticated and, besides, when they realize what they need they will adopt the DTP paradigm in their own good time. For WP the text is simply DATA: for example, ascii files in latex are compiled but otherwise, in scientific usage, they retain their data quality (e.g. detex). Thus one mode goes into the other. 

I use TeX a lot. It produces exquisite output with tables, TOC, tables of tables, pagination (roman then arabic), auto bibliography, incorporated files and pix, math formulae, etc. No DTP program whatsover is near as good for complex text. Now THAT is the proper comparison.

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