[Scribus] Imposition, was English finally replaces unreadable text

Peter Nermander m8130
Mon Dec 20 08:08:42 CET 2004

> 100% agree. Imposition is another story. Doesn't mean it can't or
> shouldn't be adressed. Simply, it's something else. :-)

The other day I just realised that the imposition support is almost present.

Scribus can locate, scale and rotate object onto the page. If each page was an
object it would be easy to make impositions.

It's much like wrapping a Scribus document into another.

To locate the pages onto the sheet you could use Scripter scripts. (One of
them maybe based on the perl script I have been using with pstops.)

So, the question is, does Scribus/Scripter support importing one page from a PDF
into a frame? (A better solution would of course be to be able to import the
page from a scribus document.)

Of course, I can always print to postscript and use my old pstops solution:-)


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