[Scribus] English finally replaces unreadable text

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Dec 19 18:39:10 CET 2004

Louis Desjardins wrote:

> And there is so much nice work to be done!
> This message gives me the occasion again to say how I am impressed by 
> the team's reactivity, efficiency, responsiveness and spirit.
Seconded. I may tend to grumble and complain, but that doesn't mean I 
don't value the work you folks all do. A lot.

> P.S. If I may add one word on "helpful approach", I'd say there is 
> nothing such an "unreadable text" just because it's a language someone 
> doesn't know. :-) 

As someone who had to resort to copy+paste from Google News to properly 
test the unicode support changes I was working on, I couldn't agree more 
:-) . Alas, I find that I always end up learning yet another language to 
talk to darn computers, not to people :S

Craig Ringer

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