[Scribus] English finally replaces unreadable text

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun Dec 19 17:13:31 CET 2004

>Servant wrote:
>>Next, if Scribus can stop redrawing the entire
>>file when you input type, and add imposition, it
>>will be approaching a usable, real world DTP app!
>While I do see the redraw issue as troublesome, I'm not sure your 
>approach is entirely helpful. As for imposition, at work I use (many 
>copies of) a three and a half thousand dollar (AU$) DTP app that 
>lacks not only imposition, but any decent support for non-latin 
>text, reliable font handling, opentype, PDF export, etc.
>I'm not going to pretend there aren't issues with Scribus, but the 
>lack of built-in imposition would not constitute one of them in my 
>book. A plug-in for simple imposition (for those printing at home) 
>would be nice, but anybody doing serious printing and imposition 
>will be using an external tool to impose PDFs anyway - usually a 
>VERY expensive Acrobat Pro plug-in. Good print-shops should also 
>have such tools. Support for professional imposition would be 
>unbelivably cool, but I must say I think the lack is very, very far 
>from  a show-stopper for 99% of users. Imposition is _hard_, 
>especially to do right. One could argue that the time that would 
>have to be spent implementing imposition support might be better 
>spent addressing the redraw issues you mentioned, or making any 
>number of other improvements.

100% agree. Imposition is another story. Doesn't mean it can't or 
shouldn't be adressed. Simply, it's something else. :-)

>I stepped up and started working on some of the issues in Scribus 
>that troubled me, and worked on adding some things I needed. What 
>I've done has been rather limited so far, but I've done it. I would 
>be delighted to see if I can help you get started planning and 
>writing a simple imposition plug-in. I'm on IRC quite a bit, and of 
>course on the mailing list, so feel free to drop me a line.

And there is so much nice work to be done!

This message gives me the occasion again to say how I am impressed by 
the team's reactivity, efficiency, responsiveness and spirit.


P.S. If I may add one word on "helpful approach", I'd say there is 
nothing such an "unreadable text" just because it's a language 
someone doesn't know. :-)

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