[Scribus] Newbie question

Martin Costabel costabel
Sat Dec 18 12:55:32 CET 2004

E.Bond Francisco wrote:

> Folks,
> Thanks in advance for  your patience. I am completely new to FINK and 
> the Terminal and all that magic behind the Aqua. I have attempted to 
> install Scribus based on info I got from the macOSX Hints - CVS page. I 

Other than from macosxhints, you will get more answers and more 
competent ones from the Fink mailing lists 
You might also want to have a look at the Fink FAQ at 
> Failed: Can't resolve dependency "cctools (>= 446) | 
> cctools-single-module" for package "qt3-3.2.2-12" (no matching 
> packages/versions found)
> Any clues? Aside from the fact that I never got my degree in Computer 
> Science, what have I done wrong?

You are trying to build software (and a lot of it, it seems, all of qt3 
at least) from source, but you don't seem to have the necessary tools 
(compiler) installed. You can either choose to install scribus and its 
prerequisites from precompiled binaries available in Fink or, if you 
want to continue what you started to do, install these tools first. You 
have them on your system CD and you can download them from Apple, too. 
Type "fink info cctools" at the command line to get some further 


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