[Scribus] Wish-list items for Story Editor and Insert Special

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Dec 18 08:09:16 CET 2004

Hi Carol

> 1. It would be nice to have an option in the Story Editor to
> "update TextFrame but don't Exit." This would allow me to
> see how my changes look in the middle of my editing. In
> my specific case, I was trying to edit text into a fixed space.
> I wanted to see how well I was doing without having to get
> out of the Story Editor and getting back in.

There is. Page symbol with green arrow.

> 2. With Insert Special, it would be nice to be able to insert
> some characters, leave the Insert Special dialog up, then
> move the cursor in the document to another spot and insert
> some more special characters. As it seems to work now, you
> have to close the Insert Special dialog before the special
> characters get inserted in the document, then you have to
> go to the next spot and open Insert Special again to insert
> some more.

Already a request. :) 

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