[Scribus] Complicated color management question

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Fri Dec 17 21:23:12 CET 2004

My setup here is a bit unusual, I am sure.

I am running an X-server under Windows 98 and log into my linux (Debian) machine from it. (The reason is I have old slow computers, running XFree86 on a P133 with only 64 MB RAM is not very fun. But with my setup it is, if not enjoyable, at least usable.)

This means I can activate color management in two places: Scribus and Windows 98.

I think it would make most sense to activate in in Windows 98 (since then it would work in Windows programs too), but how do I then set the profile in Scribus? (If I understand right I will have to create, or at least install, a profile to enable to color management dialog, but will I also have to use it or can I tell Scribus to only use color profile for printers?)

(I have read a lot about color management but I have not yet used it in practise.)


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