[Scribus] rgb to cymk question

Gracia M. Littauer gracia
Fri Dec 17 19:50:20 CET 2004

last 2 years I went a  quick copy shop to print 200 color calendars. 
They used my rgb photos that fixed somewhat with Photoshop. 

This year, new graphics guy & new copier; the pix are HORRORABLE! He 
said the Xerox Ducocolor 12 prints CYMK & my pix are RGB, and they're 
not able to change some setting of copier that would help. Of course he 
could make them cymk in PHshop.

So 2 questions...
1) does this copier really print CYMK, or am I being 'had' &
2) if they do, why did some of the pix come out great & some really bad 
& how can I 'proof' my cymk photoshop or gimp files since my epson 
stylist 3000 is rgb? 

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