[Scribus] Difference between DTP and word processor

robert robert
Fri Dec 17 08:38:31 CET 2004

Thank you for an obviously well thought out answer.  In summary (as I 
understand it), the answer seems to be DTP is for combining lots of images 
and text in the way you want. A word processor is for creating just text 
documents, with an (at most) occassional graphic.

On Thursday 16 December 2004 10:56, BandiPat wrote:
> robert wrote:
> > I've only recently started learning scribus, and I got asked today what
> > the difference is between a DTP program (such as scribus) and a word
> > processor (say Word or OpenOffice's Writer).
> >
> > The best answer I could give is scribus can output something ready for a
> > commercial 4 (or 5) color printing press. It can also do PDF forms (a
> > nice feature in and of itself). However it lacks a spell checker and it's
> > not that good for creating the text. Scribus is great for page layout
> > however. (The response to this last point was, "So what. I can add
> > pictures, and graphs in Writer/Word too.")
> >
> > Frankly, I found my answer sorely lacking, which shows I still have much
> > to learn. Can anyone enlighten me?
> [...]
> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Robert,
> This is destined to become one of those comparisons like religion and
> politics and no matter how much the combatants debate it, no clear
> winner will emerge!  :o)
> The differences between the two programs have lessened in the last few
> years and certainly the word processing programs have taken on a lot of
> the DTP programs features.  But, yes there is a but, a word processor is
> not a DTP program yet!  There are many feature differences in the two,
> but trying to convince someone that has never used both, of those
> differences, is near impossible.  The best thing you can offer probably,
> is to have them use one, when they want to actually do some page layout.
>   A word processor is just that, a word processor with a few additions
> to add graphics, etc.  If though you need to "layout" a page, a book, a
> magazine, something a DTP program excels at, then you are quite likely
> to fall short trying to do that in a word processor.  Many have tried
> though, some may have even succeeded, but they will be the first to tell
> you a DTP program would have cut their work time way down!
> Again, if the user has never used a DTP program, they are likely never
> to understand the differences, even to do a simple flyer.  For those
> people that have used both though, it's never really a question of which
> program they choose when getting ready to layout a project!
> There are probably some sites on the internet that may go into greater
> detail or explanation, do a search with Google.  I'm sure you'll come up
> with several hits.  For those of us that have encountered this
> debate/argument before though, we realize it's a futile endeavor and
> leave the unconvinced user to wallow in their word processor mire.  ;o)
> Patrick

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