[Scribus] Difference between DTP and word processor

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Dec 18 03:05:08 CET 2004

robert wrote:

>Thank you for an obviously well thought out answer.  In summary (as I 
>understand it), the answer seems to be DTP is for combining lots of images 
>and text in the way you want. A word processor is for creating just text 
>documents, with an (at most) occassional graphic.
I think you're getting close, but not quite there yet....
The key element has to do with the precision with which you can and (for 
commercial purposes) need to control all aspects of the visual output: 
the typeface, space between letters, stretching or compressing the 
typeface, space between lines, exactly where it is placed on the page.  
With images, the resolution of the image, the precise color(s) which are 
used, and especially in regard to a commercial printing operation, in 
which you want to be able to exactly control the ink-printing process.  
Browsing through the archive at many of the extensive threads on various 
scribus features and printing process control will give some idea of the 
degree of control which is sought with DTP.

While it might seem that word processors have developed or incorporated 
at least some of these features, there is at least a magnitude of 
control and predictability that you will not see with word processing 
programs compared with DTP apps.  As many have noted, word processors in 
many cases only pretend to have these features, since they are so 
unreliable as to be worthless.

Greg Pittman

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