[Scribus] Adding fonts.

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Thu Dec 9 15:39:46 CET 2004


> Open KDE Control Center > System Administration > Fonts

I tried this about 5 months ago when installing a new Suse 9.1, but it 
failed. There are some programs that recognize the new fonts, but most 
don't, so does Scribus. The KDE font installer seems to crash at the 
end, but there is no message about it, so it might even be that it 
merely ends quickly (bar running up to 99 % and window closes without 

The only way to teach Scribus the new fonts are there was to add a path 
to the directory from within Scribus. Hence Scribus benefits from that - 
the other programs don't.

> I recommend this highly and find it is easier to use than even commercial type 
> managers. You can add directories and enable/disable on the fly with no need 
> to restart X.

Unfortunately, there must be one font (or several) in my list which is 
not digestable for X - I just couldn't find out which one. Scribus 
accepts the list via its own path setting, and up to now I didn't find 
any mistakes accept that with the font list script included the list 
will build up but not print. Maybe it has to do with it, maybe it hasn't...

> No need for hari kari :)

Not really... :-)


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