[Scribus] Bug in canvas drawing?

Philipp Wagner lists
Mon Dec 6 21:10:09 CET 2004

I just compiled Scribus from the CVS snapshot Petr posted last week, and 
I noticed some strange behaviour (I don't know if that problem exists 
before, as that's my first Scribus compiled from scratch with the oo.org 
I made a new text frame, and imported a oo.org file into it (both 
options at the import checked, if that matters):
(it's an interview for a German student magazine).
Now have a look at the first paragraph "Short facts", the last line. 
After "F?cher:", there's a tab. If you open the document in OpenOffice 
Writer, you'll see it. If you go to the story editor, there's a tab, too.
But where did the tab go on the normal canvas?

I don't know if that happens only to me, if not, I'll file a bug report.


PS: In general, it would be nice if tabs would be handled a bit better 
in the story editor. A ruler on top like oo.org/winword/quark have it 
would help a lot.

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