[Scribus] pdfs web page design

will at phototropia.org will
Mon Dec 6 22:21:58 CET 2004

    There have been many questions on the list about web pages from
scribus, but I am still vague on a few things.
    Scribus says in its documentation that it is common in dtp to design
once and then use the result for both printed and web page material. 
There is also the tutorial on making Web forms with javascript and
pdfs.  It is implied that the Scribus web page itself uses some form
of pdf.  Also, I see that some web apps, like the satire web-site
theonion use an adobe prodcut called GoLive to make web-pages from
pdfs.  Meanwhile, most of the  answers to web questions on the list
highlight that Scribus is primarily for printed text.  It seems that
there are only three possible routes, but I am stuck at figuring out
which to research further:
1)One uses Scribus as a design/layout template and builds a web page using
some combination like xslt/xhtml(css,html).
2)One serves a pdf.  I don't know how to do this without
Konqueror/Mozilla/IE etc. opening acrobat reader in its browser window. 
This is what happens if I just open a pdf with my a browser.
3)There is some kind of conversion of the pdf itself into something else.

Apologies for the long email, but this is a compilation of many questions
that have come up out of context.  I have spent the last few days trying
to figure out what one could do.  My question is how dtp professionals
working with pdfs create their web pages?  I love Scribus' web page; how
was it made?


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