Fink package based on cvs snapshot (Re: [Scribus] CVS Snapshot

Paraplegic Racehorse paraplegic_racehorse
Mon Dec 6 12:09:07 CET 2004

Martin Costabel wrote:

> I would like to ask the Mac- (and Fink-)using list members to act as 
> beta-testers (or now rather alpha-testers), in particular for the new 
> plugins. Hopefully the problems found with this version will help to 
> get out a Fink package for the upcoming 1.2.1 release more quickly. 
> The version is scribus-1.2.1-0.cvs.3.

Fink tells me that the latest edition is 1.2-11, which I already have 
installed and have no problems with (except for the fact that it can't 
find ghostscript). Is there another branch that I should look into 
getting the source tree from? I currently get stable and unstable trees.

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