Fink package based on cvs snapshot (Re: [Scribus] CVS Snapshot

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon Dec 6 14:18:49 CET 2004

On 6 d?c. 2004, at 12:09, Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:
> Fink tells me that the latest edition is 1.2-11, which I already have  
> installed and have no problems with (except for the fact that it can't  
> find ghostscript). Is there another branch that I should look into  
> getting the source tree from? I currently get stable and unstable  
> trees.

You need to run fink selfupdate. It usually takes at most some hours  
for changes of the cvs repository to migrate to anonymous cvs and to  
rsync. If you are using selfupdate-rsync, you will get 1.2.1-0.cvs.3  
now, I just tried it. For selfupdate-cvs you would have to wait a  
little more, it is at 1.2.1-0.cvs.2 right now, AFAICT. If you want to  
get the new file by hand, you can run rsync from the  
command line:

rsync -auzv  
rsync:// ./


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