[Scribus] kde qt and gnome

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Dec 6 01:52:55 CET 2004

On Monday 06 December 2004 01:25, bart at solozone.com wrote:
> OK I understand scribus is basically a kde and qt application. it
> interfaces with gimp and inkscape very well. These are gnome applications.
> Now, gnome applications are work horses and fine; unfortunately, gnome
> itself is a house of cards.

qt, not kde.

> a kde upgrade I can do with time on my hands; gnome I do not want to hear
> of. Now SuSe 9.2 ships as professional only. Ok by me. But I hear not
> everything is on cd; some apps are only on DVD?? There was a posting to
> this effect two weeks or so ago; scribus itself was missing from the cds.
> Ok, so what will 1.3 require? Note there are kernel patches for SuSE 9.2
> that show a bifurcation for gpl kernel and non-gpl (proprietary) kernel.

no idea fully yet.

> I will tell a funny story. i attended the LINUX CLUSTER show at San Jose,
> California last year just after Novell took over SuSe and 9.1 was out the
> door. There were immediate kernel and gnome patches. The Novell guy said
> 'Next time, we get all this.' Next time has come and still the big
> dichotomy of kde and gnome.
> Please keep scribus 'PURE'. kde is fine and qt too. No gnome libraries!

We might switch to Cairo instead of libart_gpl if that becomes a lot faster 
than it is. Scribus running with Cairo is a little slower than now but the 
API and some functions are already nicer. Cairo is freedesktop.org but is, I 
guess, slightly more gnome oriented perhaps, however so is libart_gpl. 
Nothing else really. Perhaps some common libs but I cant see any for now.

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